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An italian eye to a Soweto school

Matteo Azzari is an italian fotoreporter, who recently was in SA Among the varoius photos published on Fickr, are really deep the ones took in Leratong Senior primary School of Orlando, Soweto. . (more…)

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  • Leratong (courtesy of Ad talent)Ad talent is a brilliant recrutment agency, based in Cape town since 2003, focus on marketing and design jobs. In its website, you can found career opportunities or look for the talent your firm needs. (more…)

    SA Schoolfriends reunited. By the web

    There’s also the story of “fagolino”, an italian man knew by a SA woman in early 90’s, among the several sucess stories of, the website created to help southafricans to re-find or to “stay in touch” with previous friends, school-friends or relatives ….. all around the world. (more…)

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  • Italian leading export-assurance company SACE opened recently an office in Johannesburg, leaded by SA-born manager Michael Creighton. (more…)

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  • Nell’ambito del programma FESR, l’Unione Europea ha bandito un appalto per la realizzazione di un programma di assistenza al governo Sudafricano al fine di contrastare il traffico di vite umane. (more…)

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  • SA: growing investments from abroad

    E’ di 60 miliardi di dollari la stima Merril Lynch dei nuovi investimenti previsti per i prossimi tre anni in Sudafrica. (more…)

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  • mandela“Usually we say that 80 years are more than enough, to retire, even  for a leader. About Mandela, it was too early: that’s the last paradox of a wonderful and dramatic life”. So wrote Maurizio Matteuzzi on today’s edition of Il Manifesto, Italian daily newspaper. (more…)