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Vicenza, a yellow shirt to win

Juventus defeated at home by Palermo. Roma beaten in Siena for second time in two years. And Udinese up to the top, dominating Torino: these are the headlines of the last turn in italian Serie A.  But the most curious thing of the weekend happened in Veneto, north-east region of the country. One match of second division began 15 minutes late ’cause of the lack of shirts. In fact, host team had no dress compatible with the one of the local team. All this happened in Cittadella, few kilometers outside the city of Treviso. (more…)

Da Pechino a Johannesburg, ma non in cerca di medaglie. Clemente Russo, salito sul podio olimpico cinese della boxe, sarà dal 9 ottobre a Johannesburg in una singolare veste. Sarà infatti uno dei concorrenti del reality show “La talpa”, ambientato proprio in Sudafrica ed in onda sulla tv Italia 1. (more…)

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