altalene2.jpgEvery morning they receive 15 people in the surgery, and that’s what it happens in the reception point too. More than 10 people a day, passes here an Hiv or Tbc test.

Here we are in the Smile house, a centre opened in may of 2007 in Cape Town, to assist citizens (most of all, women and children) of Philippi, Kahyelitsha and neighbourhoods townships. Smile house was made by Cesvi, an italian Ngo, and the local partner Sizakuyenza, supported by Mediamarket. Cesvi began its work in SA during 2001: the Ngo wanted to preventi Hiv diffusion, but after a few time realized that prevention had to be joined by protection of weakest people.

Therefore, they decide to help women and children victims of abuses, fights or violence by relatives or people addicted to alcool. To succeed, they support social consciousness, and services: that’s what the Smile House is useful to. It temporary hosts women who decide to leave home after being abused, but it also offers medical help, or take the women to other places where to receive help. Women and children may stay there for a few days or for sme months; afterwards, they an be moved to little community houses, where to try to restart the township living being helped by special supporting groups. The first woman who was hosted by the Smile House now works there as a servant. Some of the women are involved in little worlks of packaging. Now, up to Cesvi, te Smile House hosts 16 women and 21 babies. Beside this, they support Saving groups: that’s what we’ll talk about soon.