In 1954 he got a stroke of luck, moving from a little printing industry to the Milan football club. In his first Serie A team he was astonished by champions like Liedholm or Nordahl, who were used to be the first to say “hallo” to their younger team fellows. After a long italian career, first as a player than as a trainer, he migrated, and won, in Germany. Year after year, his pronouncing mistakes have been trasformed in a legend: he got his top in Munchen, Germany, during a famous press conference. Ladies and gentlemen, he is Giovanni Trapattoni: in Italy he has won more or less everything and so, after the german era, he has accepted another chiallenge. Now he’s the Eire national team-manager, he wants to get the 2010 passport, and ’til now – last wednesday – he stopped Italy 1-1. “Dont say ‘cat’ if you hav not caught it” he used to say during his famous italian interviews. A useful proverb for italian team, who now has to work some more to get the Southafrica ticket.