from Johannesburg

tifosi-ingresso-soccer.jpg As South Africa enters it’s last days of hosting the World Cup, we can finally thank this Country for his warm welcome to the tourists and the very good organisation. Also the country’s head of state, President Jacob Zuma believes the “Rainbow Nation” has exceeded expectations with its organisation of the tournament. The supporters confirm this: “Perfect organisation, we never waited a minute” says Teia, argentina tuorist. “Yes, only in the opening match we entered very slowly, but in the other several matches I took part everything was fine” adds Abraham, mexican. “I’m very surprised, I didn’t expect a so good organisation. Ticket, bus: no problems” says Maurizio, italian.
Even if the african teams are not in the final (and Gyan missed the penalty making his public crying), this world cup has been one of the proudest moment in Africa’s sporting history. “The successful hosting of the event has reaffirmed that FIFA’s trust in Africa was not misplaced. I also believe that the legacy of this FIFA World Cup will benefit the African continent for decades” said Zuma in an exclusive interview with
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