At first hand, Italy seems to close tonight an historic era. In other times, even a few months ago, many people would have celebrated this event with cheers and parties all night, drunk by the hope of a better future to start. Nothing of this is really possible tonight, considering the situation Italy felt down in.
It’s even more depressing to think that Berlusconi came to resing not really because he realized what he (hasn’t) done, or because people who supported him realized it instead of him, but only because EU, financial markets or maybe some hidden player forced him to do it.
Vadim Nikitn on, as other SA media, compares Berlusconi to Zuma; their walks share many things, and it’s really possible that sooner or later JZ will fall victim of his “doing nothing of real”; but in this moment, SA is not as targeted by financial powers as Italy is, and his political opposition is growin’ solid, much more than Italian one.
Apart from surprises, SA will be back on vote in 2012; Italy…who knows when. And who know how this country will be, at that time…