cedarberg1.jpg  European Union choose a few days ago 8 projects suitable to receive public money (1,5 million euros), according to the call for proposal named “Strand 1.3.5 - Cooperation project with 3rd counties (Ue Cultural program 2007-2013), this time dedicated to South africa. One of this project (“Live performers meeting’), written in Italy, is focused on a 4 days video-art performance. An italian city, Turin, will take part altogether with Joburg, Cape town and Durban in the “Nine urban biotopes” project. With “Stories from the caves” Khoisan oral tradition will be under the spots by live readings in Southafrica (Cedeberg mountains) and Spain (Los casares cave); meanwwhile, “Mandela 27 years” plan to build an interactive map about european main facts during Madiba’s detention. Other projects named “Macbeth” and “United in Music 2013” should strenght cultural relations between SA and european countries during next year.

To check the project list: here