artoff9481.jpgSummer of 2013 in Europe offers two relevant expositions dedicated to recent past & contemporary SA. In Milan, Italy, City townhall reserves the PAC art space to “The rise and fall of Apartheid- phography and bureacracy of everyday life”, managed by Okul Enzewor and open until september 15th. It’s a kind of multimedial exposition, where visitors can find opposite original newspapers of apartheid era (“Drum” and “Panorama”) and a way of showing SA photography history, some made by Roger Ballen and David Goldblatt, besides conteporary art examples signed Adrian Piper and William Kentridge.

Meanwhile. Maison Rouge in Paris, France exposes “My Joburg”, around 40 conteporary SA young artists, whose creations will be open to french audience until sept. 22nd.

(Imagine: courtesy of Maison Rouge website).