Women are better than men in selling SA travel destination. At least in Italy, especially during recent Imbizo Day convention 2014. There was no male members in the delegation flew from South africa to Chiantishire: all southafrican girls (well, better say ladies; despite of Sister’s Sledge’s song)   with different looks but similar high skills.  Some of them exposed their ‘goods’ in italian, for instance Lidia from 3Sixty – Sun international who presented her “Africa’s Golden triangle” located  between Cape town and Victoria Falls; or a couple of girls ‘branded’ by Joburg Tourism. Others were very smart in catching english speaking audience, as Chelsea (from Aquila) or Filippa (from Protea Hotels) did.

Blond or red as they were, a competitive team anyway; perhaps not so good in playing football or cricket, but yes, tourism marketing indeed.