Once upon a time…italian tourists in Southafrica refused at all taking part in english spoken travel tours. Now the music has been changing, and - according to Springbok Atlas tour operator, represented by Patrizia in Imbizo day – since 2012 they started drawing their foreign language knowdlege, probably because saving some hundreds of euros  became a more interesting topic in their decisions. Springbok atlas is still struggling against italian basic travel preferences: “Until now, they rarely choose proposals like Mandela’s places or apartheid tours. What a pity for the ones don’t appreciate it”. I do agree.


Deluxe tailor made guided tours in Sa are getting higher among italian travellers, according to Camilla, travel agent of italian t.o. “Il Viaggio”. In Castelmonastero she also underlined the exploit of Colombia, young historic and colourful destination; quite cheap, but still far away from most of italians’ pockets. For some of them, SA tourism and 7 italian tour operators launched a fly&drive aggressive promotion, up from 1590 euro (21600 rand) a week.

(image from Ilviaggio.biz)