“I bet on Elon Musk”. Giorgio Bianciardi is a biotech professor at University of Siena, Italy. Together with two other researcher (Vincenzo Rizzo e Nicola Cantasano) at the end of 2014 he published on  International Journal of Aeronautical and Space Sciences a study where they shows microstructures organized in intertwined filaments of microspherules, recognized on  planet Mars’ surface, as a proof of some kind of life.

When I meet him, he’s talking to a very small crowd (6-7 people) inside ancient walls, in his town, in a place where some guys opened a coffee-bookshop, a few months ago. This winter they decided to dedicate a four-episodes serie of public conferences to space, planet, stars and similar topics.  Helped by a large number of fascinating slides, tonight he’s summarizing the story of planet Mars and human attempts to know more about it.

His speech is very interesting to hear, also to inexperienced ears. Only after one hour and a half,  he mentions his recent discover. It’s clear he believes that Mars hosted some kind of life, and perhaps it’s still hosting it too. But he kwows that sceptical ones won’t believe it until the sign of evidence will be found. “To find it – he says – men ought to get on the planet personally. Maybe Nasa will be able, but who knows if next five Presidents of Usa will keep on funding space research?”.

A shorter way could be another. A private one, probably: “I bet on Elon Musk – he says – he’s a visonary man, a crazy one according to many observers. But now, even Nasa has understood that if he’ll succed, then they could get their goal saving lots of money. To be successful, I think humans should get there in quite large quantity: five men probably won’t survive to unexpected events on Mars. But 80.000 people, or at least 10 thousands, they’d help each other, so to succeed”.


Who is Elon Musk? Former co-founder of Paypal. Now industrial producer of electric vehicles, rockets and many other things. He’s based in Canada and States. But where was he born? In Southafrica (Pretoria), just like another person very attracted by Mars, Adriana Marais (we wrote about her some months ago). As we use to say.. the world is small. Got to find almost another one.