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The italian Alberto Bottega received the gold medal: “I studied nuclear physics and now I put my knowledge into wines”
from Johannesburg

wines-from-southern-stellenbosch-in-south-africa-represented-by-father-and-son-team-alberto-and-roberto-bottega-ridotta.jpg A real nuclear bomb of taste the Idiom Cabernet Sauvignon - Merlot - Cabernet Franc 2006, just awarded the South African Red Bordeaux Varietal Trophy for the over £10 category at the 2010 DecanterWorld Wine Awards. So Italy and South Africa together in climbing the world’s best wines. In fact the gold medal for the best Bordeaux blend of South Africa has been won by an Italian: Alberto Bottega (here in the picture with his son Roberto Bottega), proprietor of Da Capo Vineyards in the Helderberg. Out of all the gold medal winners from South Africa, his wine was also awarded the Decanter Regional trophy. And the same wine on Thursday just received the much acclaimed Trophy from Wine-of-the-Month club (, South Africa’s biggest wine society, as the best Bordeaux of 2010 at their annual awards ceremony attended by all the winemakers in the Cape. Two years ago, the previous vintage, the 2005, won the trophy for the club’s best wine of 2008. A very big success: an award translates into sales to the Wine-of-the-Month Club’s many different sub-clubs. The Bordeaux 2006 has been distributed to the Platinum and Reserve Clubs within the Wine-of-the-Month Club and will be featured in Good Taste Magazine, the print magazine of Wine of the Month Club.

Alberto, 67 years old, was born in Friuli, Casarsa della Delizia, and emigrated with his family to Cape Town in 1950, when he was 8 years old. He studied physics and then worked in business, finance and banking. But now his science and experience is put into wines: «My dream was to produce the best wines of the world. This award, in some ways, is a fulfillment of this desire of the job I’m doing with passion in these last years» says Alberto, also winner in 2004 of other important wine awards. The Regional Trophy was presented at an awards function on last 1 September at the Royal Opera House in London where his wine 43% Cabernet Sauvignon, 31% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Franc was judged: «It is perhaps a bit fresher and better balanced than the previous vintages. I think the higher Cabernet Franc percentage is doing the trick». To receive more information about the farm: For more information about the wines and Idiom’s offerings, also for members of theItalian Chamber, or to find out how to become members of Club Idiom, please email or check

Wet & good

italypar.jpg In italian language, “Paraguay” means “stop the troubles”: that’s what De Rossi did yesterday night in the second half, thanks to paraguaian goalkeeper Villar. But neither the evening match, nor the two of the afternoon offered something really special. The real pearl of the day? The green point stadium grass, so wet and so good, anyway.

Cape town, Rustenburg, Bloemfontain, Nelspruit, Joburg and Polowane will host group F teams. In this group we find world champion team, Italy: the ‘azzurri’ have always been in since 1962, and they have conquered the title 4 times, just one less than Brazil. Italyalsown an European cup in 1968. Paraguay will play its fourth consecutive tournament. For New Zealand, Southafrica will represent the second time, after 1982. Slovakia is at its first time, after Cekoslovensko have benn shared in two natons.

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  • Bad start for Italy in Euro 2008


    And now, the ones who dislike trainer Donadoni will make their voices stronger. Italian football team strated in the worst way its way trought the European football championship, being defeated 3-0 by Netherlands, who scored first goal with Nisterroy in offside positon. (more…)

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  • Jean Leonard Touadì, insegnante residente a Roma dal 1979, è il primo africano di nascita eletto nel Parlamento italiano. Touadì, presentato nella lista “Italia dei Valori”, è risultato tra i 630 membri della nuova Camera dei deputati in virtù delle elezioni svoltesi sabato e domenica scorsi, vinte dalla coalizione ”Popolo delle libertà” guidata da Silvio Berlusconi.

     Jean Leonard Touadì, teacher,  (more…)

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