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SA tourism national team… in Italy


Women are better than men in selling SA travel destination. At least in Italy, especially during recent Imbizo Day convention 2014. There was no male members in the delegation flew from South africa to Chiantishire: all southafrican girls (well, better say ladies; despite of Sister’s Sledge’s song)   with different looks but similar high skills.  Some of them exposed their ‘goods’ in italian, for instance Lidia from 3Sixty – Sun international who presented her “Africa’s Golden triangle” located  between Cape town and Victoria Falls; or a couple of girls ‘branded’ by Joburg Tourism. Others were very smart in catching english speaking audience, as Chelsea (from Aquila) or Filippa (from Protea Hotels) did.

Blond or red as they were, a competitive team anyway; perhaps not so good in playing football or cricket, but yes, tourism marketing indeed.

A SA convention in Chiantishire


Some 50 italian travel agents attended on a mid-november sunday a convention held in Chiantishire by Southafrican tourism. The “Imbizo day” provided 19 three-minutes speeches, assigned to Sa tour operators, hotel chains, air companies. Afterwards, the audience got a face-to-face quarter of hour with anyone of them so to get in touch and, maybe, open new business relationships.  Imbizo day took place in Castelmonastero, a glamorous relais opened less than ten years ago in one of the most famous countryside of Italy, also famous for Gordon Ramsay’s touch on restaurant proposals.


At hosts’ eyes, Southafrica looked like a very powerful destination: asked about their previous relations with the nation, only a few of attending travel agents confirmed to have travelled before in SA, but most of all said they’re feeling like going there, as soon as possible.


Massimo Bray, recently named as Ministry of Tourism and Culture in Italian new Government, twitted  late yesterday evening his good opinion about Southafrican responsible tourism model, quoting Deborah Preston’s blog “travelwithamate”.   Bray defined it “an useful example  to study”; then, Italian mainstream media added  some of Preston’s opinion (“responsible South Africa tours are a fantastic way of contributing positively to the people and landscape. Tourism creates jobs and business opportunity in communities across South Africa and is a prevalent tool for economic and social development here”).  Wondering if a blog post is a solid base to build a Ministry’s opinion onto, we positively recept his early looking at SA, hoping it to have a follow up…  

Catching italian travel agents


As you know by now, a very few things are growing in 2012…one of this is the number of Italian tourists travelling along South Africa. Thinking about that, South Africa Tourism is launching an  Italian BtoB roadshow, shared in six Italian big towns, targeting travel agents.  From 9th to 16th November, every meeting will offer partecipants the chance to know SA hotel networks, Tour operarors, Incoming agencies, and it will end with an extraction to decide six of them to take part in  an educational in the country.

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  • Visto che una delle poche cose che cresce di questi tempi è…il  numero di turisti italiani in Sudafrica, l’ente Sudafricano del Turismo ha pensato bene di darci nuovamente sotto. Come già da due anni a questa parte, nelle prossime settimane partirà un roadshow  in sei città italiane con il quale il South African Tourism punta ad incontrare gli agenti di viaggio italiani. In questi giorni è partita una campagna digitale mirata che preannuncia incontri con rappresentanti di catene e lodge, operatori incoming, tour operators. Ogni incontro durerà lo spazio di un mattina, e al termine tra gli agenti partecipanti  saranno selezionati 6 partecipanti ad un educational sul posto, ovvero in Sudafrica. No, non saranno ‘nominati’. Semplicemente, saranno estratti a sorte…

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  • A fab-four set to end the year

    leratong-pre-primary-adtalent.jpgWe wrote about so many bad things this year, over this blog. So it’s a real pleasure, today, to end the year posting 4 good news facing the new year that’s coming. First of all: SA financial industry is growing faster and faster, and 53.000 new employed got in between july and september, 2011. Figures allows to expect new records in 2012.
    Tourism seems also to grow: italian visitors grew this year month after month, except june who was the ‘record month’ in 2010, thanks to World Cup. From january to september, 2011 40.000 italians flew there, part of a six-millions invasion from all over the world.
    Third: we don’t like so much private school, but as a matter of fact the first italian primary school is willing to open in Johannesburg, thanks to an agreement signed in december between Crawford group, Italian club in Joburg and Italian Consulate. More than 500 children are expected to attend the institute.
    Last but not least, Netsafrica project (do you still remember?) faces new target: in partnership with the Town hall of Grosseto (central Italy) and the local traders organizations, Oxfam international will start a large open air-market in Lusikisiki, with modern rules and standars. A good example of real cooperation between Italy and Southafrica. And now…best wishes!.

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  • Il Sudafrica prova a battere il ferro turistico finché è caldo, in Italia. A metà novembre si terranno 5 roadshow in altrettante città italiane, riservati ad agenti di viaggio interessati a valorizzare e vendere la destinazione. “Big five roadshow” è il nome dell’iniziativa curata dall’ente di promozione del turismo sudafricano in Italia, e che toccherà per mezza giornata ciascuna le città di Napoli, Padova, Roma, Milano e Bologna. Tra i partner della promozione anche alcuni tour operators italiani con consolidata attività nel continente africano.

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